Preventive strategies for schizophrenic disorders Perspectives, Opportunities and limits


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I disturbi schizofrenici rappresentano un problema centrale di sanità pubblica. Prevenire, attenuare o ritardare la comparsa di tali disturbi costituisce un compito essenziale per un’assistenza psichiatrica moderna. Questo volume esplora un insieme di strategie preventive non limitate al riconoscimento precoce degli esordi schizofrenici ma rivolte anche alle situazioni di rischio remoto. Indice: Towards a comprehensive model of schizophrenic disorders and specific vulnerability for preventive strategies by Alessandro Grispini. Cognitive deficit and vulnerability in schizophrenia by Silvana Galderisi, Eleonora Merlotti, Armida Mucci. Preventing schizophrenia: is a genetic counselling possible? by Alessandro Serretti. Meaning of and possibilities for familial prevention of schizophrenia by Karl-Erik Wahlberg. Risk factors for schizophrenia and prevention by Nigel Bark. A general theory on the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders by Michael Murray. A preventive strategy for schizophrenia: from primitive drives to the development of a new society by Ramhan Haghighat. Obstetric and delivery complications as risk factors for schizophrenia: neurodevelopmental perspectives by Hiroshi Kunugi. The neuromotor, behavioural and cognitive predictors of schizophrenia by Paola Dazzan, Eugenia Kravariti, Paul Fearon, Robin M. Murray. Families where a parent has schizophrenia: opportunities for prevention by Duncan McLean, James Scott and John McGrath. Implications of schizotaxia for the prevention of schizophrenia by Ming T. Tsuang, William S. Stone, Sara I. Tarbox, Stephen V. Faraone. School and schizophrenia by Graham Murray, Matti Isohanni, Irene Isohanni and Peter Jones. Basic symptoms in the early detection and intervention in schizophrenic disorders by Joachim Klosterkoetter and Frauke Schultze-Lutter. Early detection and intervention in psychoses: implementing a program by Angelo Cocchi and Anna Meneghelli. A critical review of early detection and intervention in schizophrenia by Richard Warner. Does Schizophrenia Still Exist Today? by Giuseppe Martini. Early intervention in psychoses: road to recovery or dangerous illusion? by Germana Agnetti. An hypothetical attempt to define the number needed to treat to delay the first hospitalisation for schizophrenia by Mark Weiser, Haim Knobler, Itamar Grotto, Michael Davidson. Prevention of de-humanisation: Towards the concept of “rehabilitative psychoanalytic psychotherapy” in the treatment of schizophrenia by James Grotstein.

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