Training e Supervisione SPI-A, SPI

Eva Gebhardt was born in Germany and completed her studies at the University of Rome (Università Sapienza) becoming a physician and psychiatrist. She trainined in Schizophrenia Proneness Instrument, Adult Version (SPI-A) and Schizophrenia Proneness Instrument, Child and Youth (SPI-CY) at the University Hospital of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research Department in Bern (Switzerland) with their author F. Schultze-Lutter, and is at the moment the only Italian speaking trainer.
She worked both in public and private structures as a psychiatrist and psycotherapist. She worked on scientific publications about the early diagnosis of psychosis, psychotherapy and psychopathology. She also collaborated on the SPI-CY translation into Italian.


00197 Roma
Via Archimede, 179

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