About us

Giovanni Fioriti Editore began in 1999 with the aim of publishing books that widen the knowledge of professionals who work in biomedical and psychological fields. In the following years we introduced editions for the lay reader to increase his/her awareness and basic knowledge in diverse topics – such as disease – or specific treatments.

Giovanni Fioriti was born in Rome in 1956, and is currently a physician and psychiatrist. He did research and taught in the field of psychotherapy and psychodiagnosis.
Since 1999 he has managed Giovanni Fioriti Editore. He lives and works in Rome, via Archimede 179, ph 068072063.

Giulia Zanatta was born in Rome on 12/02/1988. Degree in philosophy, has experienced a period of time in Germany and speaks German and English.
She works for Giovanni Fioriti Editore since 2010 and lives in Umbria, for the love of nature and culture.

Anna Angelucci was born in Rome in 1963. She graduated in Modern Literatures, she teaches and her fields are linguistics, didactics and pedagogy.

Anna Fioriti was born in Rome in 1954; she is a psychologist and family psychotherapist.

00197 Roma
Via Archimede, 179

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