Giovanni Fioriti Editore was founded in 1999 with the aim of publishing books that broaden and deepen the theoretical and clinical knowledge of professionals in the biomedical and psychological sciences.

Over time, the professional series have been joined by self-help and popularisation series, mainly aimed at increasing the fundamental knowledge and awareness of readers on specific topics – in particular diseases, disorders, disabilities, treatment needs – or on specific therapeutic treatments.

We are an independent publishing house, i.e. we have chosen to be solely accountable to our readers. We believe in the content we publish through our books, selected from a unique cultural and scientific perspective, and we take responsibility for it, with an open attitude towards the progress of thought and its progressive acquisitions. This is why, in the event of errors, we are not afraid and do not hesitate to correct ourselves.

We have our own values of reference, which are also reflected in our linguistic choices:

1) While respecting differences and the wide range of positions and expressions, we do not submit our content to the formal excesses of political correctness, so, for example, we use the generic masculine personal pronoun without further – often overwhelming – gender declensions.

2) We do not adopt the economic lexicon that unfortunately prevails, which translates the term ‘patients’ as ‘clients’, ending up conceiving them as such even in the context of theoretical reflection and clinical practice.


Giovanni Fioriti Editore publishes Clinical Neuropsychiatry, the Italian journal with the highest Impact Factor, not only in the psychological-psychiatric field but also in the whole medical field.

It is available for forms of collaboration with universities in support of the dissemination of scientific knowledge that does not hierarchically oppose cultures, disciplines, sectors, and areas but pursues the free and fruitful enlivening of scholars’ thinking, in a human, disinterested and cooperative horizon.

It is with this in mind that we assess and monitor publishing projects using tried and tested peer review mechanisms.